Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A response...

Since I haven't been doing anything sexy lately, I haven't been checking my email.  Well, technically, it's our email.  It's the email that we have had for our feisty life.  It used to be so fun for us to check it throughout the day.

I would report to him, he would contact me.  It was one of the many ways that we stayed so connected.  I loved it.

Yeah, so I haven't been looking at it lately. and there, I have.  Clearly, however, he has no interest.  No interest in our email.  No interest in sex.  No interest in me...other than in a purely companionable way. 


I think I've taken it rather well.  Still, I miss the closeness.  I miss having him in me.  I miss having him fondle and play with me.  I miss fondling and playing with him. 

He still holds me nightly.  We still spoon.  He even frequently cups my boobs as we fall asleep.  It's good.  It's nice.  It's enough...for now.'s not. 

We had a a chick we contacted a month ago...on Rudester.  She would love a threesome.  She would love to give me a nice girl on girl experience.  And she loved my nipples. 

So now I have to wonder how I broach this subject, how I bring up the longing and the need.  I wonder if I can convince him to participate...or watch...or watch while I participate.  I need me some serious sex.  And we're just this side of the weekend.   Or as I like to think of it...three official weeks of drought.

Somehow...I will bring it up.  Just not right now so much.

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  1. Just thinking happy thoughts for you.

    Heading for work!