Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It took less than three days

Yup.  Three days before we had received our magical package containing our new toys from Adam & Eve, and our new videos.  We have a Blue Ray player in the living room, but given how visible our television is for anyone at the front door, we decided that it might be best to instead watch our naughty movies in the privacy of our bedroom.

Oh, but there's no DVD player there.  What to do.  What to do.

Well, I'll tell you what we did.  Last night, after looked at profiles for about half an hour on the swinger site, I could tell he was getting aroused.  I love when he has to push on his erection to try to get comfortable.

Next thing you know, he tells me that he wants to move the Blue Ray player.

man: I found some cords.  I think they'll work.

And I knew what he meant.  He wanted to watch one of the porns.  He needed to watch one of the porns. 

So we carried the device to the bedroom.  I've never seen him more motivated, more determined.  And his patience was suddenly boundless.

First there was no sound, then no color, then the video was sideways black and white.  At last it was working.  And he picked some amateur porn.  Within seconds, yes, seconds, he was naked and expecting me to join him in bed. 

Within a minute, he was playing with my vag, flitting his fingers inside and out.  And he was shaking with need, which I find to be super hot, which would explain why I was super wet. 

Yeah, we did it.  We had amazing sex to a fantastic video.  We watched maybe twenty minutes of it.  I did the math.  At that rate, with five videos equaling approximately twelve hours total, we have a good thirty-six viewings in us before we run out of new footage.

I'm not worried.  Adam & Eve send me specials all the time.  And their deals are so incredible that we'll probably be buying about once a month.  I told you how well we did last time.  I can't wait.

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