Monday, November 8, 2010

It's all in the details

We wanted, more than anything, for my first experience to be one with training wheels.  I haven't been with a chick since that fumbling experience with my best friend when we were twelve.  I never considered for a moment that I might be bi or even bi-curious.  As tightly wound as I was raised to be, I doubt the thought ever would have occurred to me to find out.

So, having him suggest a threesome would be the way to improve our relationship was hurtful and stinging.  Yet, as we progressed in this venture, my feelings began to change.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that I found it to be a bit intriguing.  And I loved what it was doing for us.  We were in the best place ever.  No more secrets.  No more holding back.  No lies.  We were happy and sexy and trying new things.

The emails were flying back and forth between me and our possible third.  There was much to discuss.  We had shared G-rated face pics.  She told me she was attracted to me.  She shared her limited experiences with women.  And we discussed what we wanted from the experience, what we wanted in the future, and where he would fit in.

Our third wasn't really interested in him touching her at all.  She offered to give him some oral and use her hands, but mostly, she wanted some girl time.  I worried that he wouldn't be okay with such limited involvement, but instead he thought it a good first experience for us.  He knew he would be able to be in me and join in somewhat.  That was enough.

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