Sunday, November 7, 2010

The genie is out!

Yes, once we decided to pursue this strange new lifestyle, our life improved in every way.  It was little things at first, like phone calls during the day and text messages.  It was us, coming together, sharing a secret.  Ah, the ties that bind.

There were other changes.  I would get home and he'd suddenly take an interest in what I was working on with the laptop on the couch.  He would snuggle in next to me and watch me work.  He would interact and comment. 

We spent some of that time looking at Craigslist ads.  We hadn't settled anything with our potential third, yet.  And so we continued to look.  We discussed what we liked, what I could handle, how he imagined things being during the experience. 

Inevitably, we would end up heading off to the bedroom to have passionate sex before dinner.  And we'd look at more ads, discover more web pages that would help us find willing women.  Next thing you know, we'd be going at it again before bed.

Oh, and once we made it to bed, often with the laptop, we were having more sex.  We would turn on a porn.  I would select one for its educational properties.  What did I know about being with a woman?  My experiences were limited to some fondling I had done with my best friend at a sleepover when we were twelve.  Yes, she was my first orgasm with someone.  I was twelve!

So, we'd watch porn and we'd have some sexy pillow talk and we'd have lots and lots and lots of sex.  It has been amazing.  Do I wonder how long we can maintain this?  Of course.  Do I worry how much more I'll have to up the ante to keep him happy?  Sometimes.  Do I worry that he'll break my trust and cheat?  Never.  Do I worry that he'll go against our rules in the threesome?  Not even a little.

He's happier than ever.

Know what he said just the other day?

man: I'm realizing that you are the woman of my dreams more and more.

I always knew I was.  I knew that no one else could make him happy in the long run, but it's nice that he finally sees it, too.  It's especially nice that we have so much to look forward to.  We've been ironing out the details of the threesome.  It's supposed to happen over the weekend.


  1. I've found that our love life is SO much more intense since we've been "doing this" We are in the beginning stages of this kind of fun and we're doing it together... I NEVER thought I could be this open with ANYONE ever! It's such a weight off my shoulders. Not having to "Keep" everything inside... now, when we go out, we both can talk about what looks good, what fun we could have that "that" person... it's our little secret and it FUN!
    Having had a few experiences under our belt makes it even more fun. We laugh, we joke we talk about sex like we're discussing fashion or how the Giants did this year!
    Nothing causes those "thoughts" of worry. Why worry, it's a wasted emotion...
    We're doing it together and that is REALLY HOT!
    Enjoy the fun, it really does bring people closer together!


  2. It amazes me that I thought this would wreck our relationship, but it has done just the opposite. Now, I know our friends wouldn't 'get' it, but as long as we're on the same page, who cares?