Friday, November 26, 2010

Concerns about The Estate

Long before we ever agreed to look into a swinging kind of lifestyle, long before we ever decided to spice things up, I had heard of The Estate.

I guess I thought it was this elusive Craigslist code I had yet to crack.  There were lots of posts about meeting at The Estate.  What was this estate?  Was it a euphemism?  An actual location?  Some super magical event that I had to be privy to?

And so, I Googled it.  And I was shocked.  The Estate was a place.  It was a super secret location in my city where like-minded adults gathered to participate in like-minded consensual activities.  Clothing around the hot tub was optional.  There were private party rooms.

In fact, I was as intrigued as I was appalled and frightened.  At the same time, as a blogger, I tend to put myself out there for the sake of the story.  Imagine the tales I could tell if I simply experienced it.

We talked about it.  And in my mind, it's just a modern day version of Caligula.  Seen that movie?  It was the dirtiest movie I had ever seen in high school.  And for reasons I still don't understand, it wasn't behind the curtain.  There was tons of sex and nudity and every kind of debauchery imaginable.

I guess that's pretty much how I imagine The Estate.  And I'm not sure I'm ready for that, even as a spectator.  If I wanted an audience, I'd operate a cam business.  At least I'd be making money.  And I wouldn't see everyone watching me. 

Okay, maybe I've considered it--a little. 

But about the estate.  Do we go?


  1. Hi Lexi!

    There are several clubs like that here in Vegas and they all have their own personality. Yes, you need to go to The Estate...but without expectation.

    My husband and I went often at first. We made sure to agree if one person wanted to go we left. And we had an awesome time! Now we look for people to play with on a regular basis. If none of our friends are available that's when we go to the club to make new ones.

    Have Fun!

    PS...I have a much harder time having sex on cam than live in front of people. I like seeing the effect I'm having on someone:)

  2. You should totally go! And tell us all about it!

  3. I swear I'm halfway there, but he's a bit bashful...which I have trouble understanding since he was a complete man-whore before me. Not sure how the two sides co-exist, but I'm letting the past slide.

    Tons of couples have contacted us and want us to meet them there, so we may break down. And I will share. Trust me. I'm clearly open...