Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to the drawing board

It was a difficult phone call to make.  We had spent the last few days planning on how to make the threesome work at our house.  We live in a very social neighborhood and it never quite occurs to anyone that when we have company, we'd like to be alone.  And so we anticipated intrusion.  And we figured that in order to keep at least some of our ground rules, we'd have to prep the study.

So, for me to call and tell him, the day before this was all to take place, that it wasn't going to happen, that she had found a maybe lesbian to be with Friday night instead wasn't fun.  He was justifiably annoyed and frustrated.  I was, too.  We had bent more than we wanted for this to happen and just when it seemed it was happening, it wasn't.

And you know what that meant: start the search over.  Which meant that once again we had to wonder where to begin.  In one foul swoop, Craigslist had proven to be as unreliable as he imagined it to be.  He wouldn't want to post there again, even though it was free.  We had to find another way.

On the bright side, he wasn't pressuring me.  There was no rush, in his mind.  We were good.  We were better than ever.  He couldn't keep his hands off me.  He was more passionate than he ever had been.  And, more than that, he was more expressive of his feelings.

This man who feared those three little words was telling me every day, multiple times a day, that he loved me.

man: You know why I did (blank)?

me: Why?

man: Because I love you.

My heart was swelling.  We were in such a good place.  And that's why we were in no rush, willing to find the right one.  There were steps to be taken.

me: If we are going to create a profile on one of those sites, we need pictures.

It was an offhanded remark.  I knew he wasn't fond of us having pictures online.

man: No face shots.

And somehow that seemed worse.  But he was right.  With our professions, no face shots.

Just in case he felt frisky, I had moved the camera into the bedroom.  It paid off.

me: What if our reward for getting our work done over the weekend is that we create our profile and contact some people?

man: Then  we'll need pictures.

me: The camera is right there.

Then we were naked.  We were licking and kissing and touching.  He was in me.  We tried every pose and angle imaginable.  There were some fifty shots to choose from.  That may seem excessive, but we're on a mission.  We'll choose a few.  And the rest?  Well, they are just for us.  The way it should be.

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