Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our package arrived!

After we had spent the weekend at home, locked in, going at it like rabbits, we were mourning our limited toy collection.  On top of that, we were desperate for our new toys to arrive.  New toys!  New movies!  Yay!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home and found THE BOX in front of the house.  Oh, yes.  And he was napping, almost as though he was resting up for my arrival.  He had to.  All I did was wear him out the next hour.

He was like a kid at Christmas.

man: Okay.  Where is it?  Let me see it.

For someone who had never really wanted a sex toy before, he was very enthusiastic.  Incredibly enthusiastic.  And he made that newbie mistake.  He tried to ram the Pink Pussy Lips Masturbator onto his already throbbing penis without lube.  Yup.

me: Wait.  Let me grab the lube.

For some reason he has a real hang up about lube.  He takes it as a personal affront if I ever ask for any.  He makes me crazy wet, but I'm only human.  And when we go at it for hours and days at a time, I start to dry up.  Hell, these days, I'm practically dehydrated.  So, we're going through some lube.

Here's an insider stock tip for you: invest in KY because we sure are going to be buying it up like crazy.  Oh, and the warming is my favorite.

I pulled out the lube and wet the lip entrance.  He slid it easily onto his cock and started to use it.  I love watching him masturbate.  It shows an incredible amount of trust and it makes me really horny.  Ladies, you can learn a lot about what a man likes just from watching him work his business.  (I'm just full of tips today.)

Well, the masturbator is a hit.  No, make that a huge hit.  We used it three times.  I helped about one and a half times.  The clean up is easy.  It's far superior to his hand, which sometimes can be a bit rough on the penis.  And with the added KY warming lube: perfect!

I can't say enough nice things about Adam and Eve.  Check them out.  Register as a user if you haven't previously.  They have offers all the time.  Good offers.  Lots of free stuff.  We managed to get four movies, the masturbator, some arousal gel samples, a mini silver vibe with different heads, and my crystal dildo for under $30 including shipping and handling.

And, on a side note, while placing the order I thought the website wasn't crediting me for the free stuff, so I called the toll free number.  The man on the line was super helpful and patient.  (I was an online adult shopping virgin.)  I was wrong, the website was right, and all was well with the world.

We'll be using them again.  And again.  We're just watching for the right offer.


  1. Hi Lexi,
    Haven't heard of a Masturbater yet! So far, my girlfriend doesn't mind if I do it myself or if she does it for me... and with the added member to our cast, we're having plenty of hands to help out! So far, I haven't done any online Adult ordering either, I'll have to check out Adam and Eve online, thanks! We have a little store that is family owned in our town that is called Pleasures of the Heart. They're very good to...
    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the net!
    I'll be stopping by here more often,

  2. KC, you have been missing out! We are having a blast trying new toys and adding new stuff to our repertoire. Enjoy!