Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad dreams and happy endings

I was awakened at the early early early hour of 6am on a Sunday morning.  And when it comes to be awakened by my man, I never mind.  This time he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close before he spoke.

man: Bad dream.

And I could tell that it was, just from his grip on me.  He practically clung to me.  So, I knew the dream had something to do with me.  Any dream that prompts that reaction usually involves him losing me in one way, shape, or form.

This dream was no different.  He later revealed it's contents.  Apparently we had finally set up a time to meet with another couple for our first big event.  It was Jenny McCarthy and some old, rude, bald guy.  Interesting.

While I wondered how this could be bad for him, since he was getting Jenny McCarthy out of the deal, he soon explained.  There were no details about sex with Jenny.  Instead he was bothered that I had given this guy a blow job.  (Like I would ever let another man near my vag.)  And then the guy had tried to take over my man's side of the bed.

Needless to say, he had a violent reaction in his dream.  I'm not surprised.  And his bad dream made me happy.  All I heard was more reassurance that he didn't want to lose me.  I have no equal.  Not even Jenny McCarthy.

So, I soothed him in my own special way.  I had been stroking him while we spoke.  And then I simply went down on him.  I liked and sucked and stroked until he came in my mouth.

It worked.  He wrapped himself around me, more relaxed and at ease.  He snuggled in.  And we fell back to sleep.


  1. I HATE bad dreams...

    But I LOVE going back to sleep that way...
    Much better than a lullaby!