Saturday, November 27, 2010

By George, I think we've got it!

We had an interesting conversation last night.  He had looked at me, recognized my tired face, and offered up bed.  I readily accepted, but as we headed down the hall he made a comment. 

man: So, movie or computer?

And I smiled.  This meant he was in the mood.  Computer it was.

We went to bed.  And I worked to find us something...interesting.  It was a task complicated by his fondling my boobs and suckling.  Oh, and he was doing it perfectly.

Soon we were playing with each other as we watched a threesome movie.  Yes, our porn of choice.

There was a man sitting naked on the couch with two  naked chicks.  And they were pretty much taking turns sucking on him while he fondled their boobs. 

man: See.  That's what I want. Think we can have that?

me: Mostly.

Next thing you know, I'm reminding him once again of my sexual past. 

me: I've done a threesome with two guys.  And I've done sex same bed no swap.  And I've had group sex in a hot tub, no swap.

man: Wait a minute.  You're a freak!  You should be really into this.

And I reminded him the difference.  Feelings change everything.  He had his fun when he was younger, too.  It's different when you love your partner and don't want to share and don't want to hurt him or her.

That's where we struggle.

Soon, I was giving him a blow job while we talked.  It's hard to talk with your mouth full, but I managed.

man: So, I could...hit it from the back while you ate the chick out?

me: Mmmhmm.

man: So, could she give me a blow job?

me: Mmhm.

man: So, could I titty fuck her while she eats you?

me: Mmmkay.

And the potential scenarios went on and on.  He can be very creative when he's inspired.

man: So, only the vag is off limits?

I had to stop entirely for this, and worked him with my hands while we spoke.

me: Yes.  The vag is sacred.

He was happy.

man: I can work with that.

After I finished, he held me close as we drifted off to sleep.

man: We're forever, right?

me: Yeah.  Forever.

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