Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our ground rules

Every game has rules.  Every player knows not to break them.  This is what we came up with to keep it right between us.  It's all about respecting our relationship and each other.

  1. Our bed is sacred.  At no point in time did I want to be in our bed picturing him there with someone else.  I wanted our bed to be just for us.  We could go out, have our fun, and come home and snuggle together in our space.
  2. Our home is off limits to strangers.  I didn't know exactly how we were going to find our future partners, but I did know that I wasn't keen on having any of them know where we live.  We have neighbors.  Nosy neighbors.  Often intrusive neighbors.  And I didn't want our business to be all over the neighborhood.  Sure, they wouldn't necessarily know what was going on behind closed doors, but there could be speculation.
  3. He is not to be in any vag but mine.  For me, sex is special.  At the same time, I recognize that it is only as special as the person/people you are sharing it with.  And since I was sharing it with my man, I wanted it to be special despite the fact that we weren't alone. 
  4. We only do this together.  Alone is cheating.  I would not be meeting people outside of our arrangement, and neither would he.  This was something that we were using to spice up our sex life, not instead of having a sex life together.
  5. We don't swing.  Since there was no other vag for him, there would be no other penis for me.  It seemed more than fair.  It wasn't that I was dying to have another penis.  I was very happy with his.  I wasn't looking to replace it or trade it in or even rent another one temporarily.
  6. We weren't looking for a relationship.  Our plan was to simply find someone to have some fun with and then be on our way.  We didn't need a new friend.  We have friends.  We didn't want a lot of excess contact.  We weren't trying to build a bond with anyone else.  This was just about us, spicing up our sex life, and then getting back to us.

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