Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Swingers club site email

We check our email religiously, together.  And what we discovered the other day floored us.

By now we had grown used to getting tons of friend requests from Rudester.  (Apparently I have great tits.  At least that's what all the requests say.)  And we get a lot of couples from Adult Friend Finder asking for some crazy swapping.  Of course, since my man has bad dreams about me giving anyone else head, I am thinking that even a soft swap is in our distant future.

So, imagine our surprise when we received an email from the swinger site we set up a profile on.  The couple was one that we had looked at.  We had both decided that we wouldn't feel intimidated by doing anything with them.  She was attractive, but not hot in the traditional sense.  And he was a middle aged fit man.  Seemed like a reasonable match.

They pretty much offered up the training wheels we'd need to get going.  And I thought all would be well, until I realized that they are very active in the swingers club.  We read about the club online.  We see the discussions of the club--again, online.  Oh, but the thought of going has us quaking in our boots. 

Somehow that feels like diving in.  Somehow that feels like a bigger step than we are prepared for. 

But they invited us.  And they want to meet us.  And I want to DO SOMETHING.  I'm a woman of action.  And weeks of talk and no action is killing me. 

Come back tomorrow as I explain our fear of The Estate.

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