Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Those who Those who can't...dream.

And so I've taken to dreaming about sex.  My man has been sick and under the weather for almost a week.  We are snuggly, but not so sexy.  That's completely understandable.

I'm going to have to guess that's why I've taken to dreaming about sex.  Last night's dream was particularly steamy.  Apparently, I've also taken to dreaming about things that NEVER actually happen between us.  Totally a-typical.  Completely awesome.

I started to tell my man about the dream.  His first concern.

man: Who was the sex with?

me: You.

He seemed satisfied for a moment.  Then a new thought came to mind.

man: Just me?

me: Yes, just you.

WE have amazing sex.  Why is that so hard for him to believe?

In my dream, he walked into the room, looked at me, and asked if he could make mad passionate love to me.  (See, total dream.  He would never suggest that we ever make love.)

He was loving and passionate.  His hands roamed all over my body, stroking, teasing and tempting.  It was so good I could almost feel it.  (Of course, it helps that he does roam all over my body while he sleeps.)

What struck me most about the dream was the intensity.  He was so in love with me.  He was so intent on me and our shared passion.  He was absolutely perfect.

And I teased him.  He had to train me to smile during sex.  When we first started having sex, I was always so completely overwhelmed by the emotions coursing through me that I suppose I looked as though I was in pain.  He would urge me to smile.  He would even smile lovingly down on me. 

Now, we smile all the time.  We smile and moan and talk.  Sometimes the talk is a little dirty.  Sometimes, the talk is affectionate.  Mostly, he urges me to orgasm.

Maybe soon, I won't have to dream and we'll have some serious sex.  Until then...

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