Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting back to my sexy self

I am notorious for winter weight.  I can’t help.  Okay, I could, I just don’t get too crazy with it.  

Like most people, in the winter, I tend to hibernate more.  I sleep more.  I exercise less.  I eat…the same.

And it takes its toll.  I am curvy by nature.  When I am at an ideal weight, I have a really lovely hourglass figure.  When I’m not, the hourglass is larger.  In the south, they would refer to me as ‘thick.’  (Not truly fat, but not thin, either.)

And now it’s closing in on February.  Spring comes early to the south.  Within two months I will have shed the extra layers of clothing that cover my unsightly extra layers of weight.  We can’t have Lexi looking anything less than sexy when that happens, right?

So, I’m dieting.  And soon I’ll be forced to incorporate exercise.  (Because I need to add one more thing to my already packed day.)  There will be results.  The good thing is that I can usually maintain really well.  (Although that begs the question…if that’s true, why do I need to lose weight?  Nevermind.)

I can’t wait to get thinner.  Let me tell you why.  My man is attracted to me no matter what because of the connection we have.  Oh, but when I’m thinner and hotter, look out!  And so, I think I need to attach some goals and rewards to this new program. 

I think after the first ten pounds, there should be some sextacular experience.  And again after each ten pound increment.  I plan to lose a good thirty pounds.  I think.  Could be more.  Could be less. 

Then…maybe, just maybe…I’ll show real pictures of Sexy Lexi and let you judge for yourself. 


  1. Drink lots of water. That is my "secret".

    I have a bit of trouble keeping the weight off because I love, love, love chocolate, ice cream and cakes. But even more than that I love having a tiny waist and being light enough to easily lift up onto the kitchen worktops ;)

    I have found that small lifestyle changes like sitting on an exercise ball while watching TV and walking instead of taking the elevator really make a difference.

    And... water. I drink a lot of water every day and I think it helps to fill me up so that I don't eat as much. Or it occupies my hands when I would be eating. I'm not really sure, but each time I need to lose weight I make sure I drink more and it always works.

    Good luck!

  2. I don't know about the rest of your readers but I would love to see the real "SEXY LEXI" anyway... If losing weight makes you feel better about yourself, then that's what you should do... If you're content with yourself as you are, so be it... I know that my GF gets down on herself when she gains weight and then she doesn't feel as sexy and then our sex life slows down... when she's feeling good about her weight, our sex life goes CRAZY!
    I love her both ways... always...
    looking forward to pics of the "real" Lexi...