Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It was the age of disappointment

Once again...nothing happened.

Oh, I had high hopes, but no one follows through on Craigslist.  So, the chicks who contacted me repeatedly never followed through.  The couple that contacted us never followed through (and they were from Nexxus.)  And the date for Saturday was a bust.

In desperation, we popped one of those "Right now tonight" ads up.  The results were interesting.  Despite stating that we were looking for a couple with a preferably bi-chick, our first response was from a bi...guy.

That's a negative.  No way.  No how.  (Although he was good looking...)

And the next response was from a Latino couple that wrote in such broken English that we were both completely turned off.  They weren't the hot Latinos, either.  Too bad.  I love me some accents.

Our third response was from a couple that lived at least an hour away.  She was cute.  He was a mammoth...former football player.  He could have crushed me like a bug.  And after the weekend before.  Nope.

Finally, we suffered through one more response before we took down the ad.  It was another single guy.  He was in his mid-twenties and hot.  He wasn't bi.  And my man wasn't going to share.

What to do.  What to do.  What to do.

So we turned to Club Nexxus.  Again.

me: After the last two weekends, I need to be happy.  I need to have some fun.  I need a good weekend.

He understood.

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  1. You need to come to California!!

    My GF would make you forget all about those other weekends!