Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making up is fun to do

We spent the better part of the weekend connecting.  It was lovely.

He said the nicest things to me, reassuring me that we were in this forever.  He let me know that he was still wildly attracted to me.  He reminded me of all the many things he loved about me.

And I soaked it all in.  It was easy.  It was everything I wanted to hear and even more what I wanted to believe.

We spent a lot of time getting sexy...in the bedroom...in the living room...in the man cave.  Yes, we like to spread it around.  A change of scenery is always pleasing.  And it was scenic.

For some reason, his favorite thing to do, it seemed, was eat me out.

Well, stick to what you're good at, I say.  And he is damn good.  Because it is such an intimate act, I have let very few people even go down on me.  But him, it seemed almost natural our first time.  There have been so many times since.  Each time seems better than the last.  And for good reason...

He asks what I like.  He wants to please me.  And it is so fun discovering what I like.  I know, by now I should know, but I don't.  So, we're learning together.

We started Saturday evening in the bedroom with him enjoying me there.  And I was soooo close.  Later, we went and talked in the man cave.  I love the way he speaks so matter of factly to me.

man: Why don't you take off your pants so I can eat you out?

me: Well, okay.

And he spent about half an hour between my legs, licking and sucking  and nuzzling until I finally released.  It was amazing.  I was so swollen that I didn't think I could even move.  I was sore well into Sunday.

Sometimes, sore is so good.  It means that you were loved right.  And that man does know how to show he loves me.

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