Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's raining women


I placed the ad after talking about it, but not exactly with his help one day at work on a whim.  I was feeling ookie about the entire swap and I needed some happy.  He said he wanted me to experience a woman and that he would sit out, so, that’s pretty much what I advertised for on Craigslist.

And within the first hour, I had four responses; within the next twenty-four hours, I had double that.  Still, the responses trickle in.
Some of them were really promising.  Admittedly it bothered me a bit to hear him say that any one in particular stood out.  And it surprised me to discover that I was actually a bit excited at the prospects.  See, I remember the look on his face at the beginning of the swap, during the game.  I remember how excited he was to see me with a woman at all.  And I want to see that look again.

So, I may have plans with one chick at noon on Saturday.  We’ll see.  There’s one that I’d really like to meet up with that hasn’t responded to my latest email where we were trying to set a time.  And a woman that we contacted a long time ago from Rudester just emailed that she wants to play.

So, yeah.  It’s raining women.

Oh, and it’s raining couples, too. 

We placed an ad on the Nexxus board last Sunday…before all hell broke loose.  And the perfect couple responded.  They are looking for a little girl on girl action, no swap, same room sex.  Sweet!  I can so work with that. 

But my man has his concerns.
He worries that having another man around will be a problem.  Right.  I think the problem was his interaction with the woman.  And yet I seem to have convinced him that this could be the perfect couple to play with.  We’ll talk to them soon to make plans.

I need a happy weekend.  The last two have really brought me down.  Between the threatened break up and the bad swap, I need a lot of happy memories to wipe out all the badness.  

Wish me well.  And wish me lots of amazing sex, including my first girl on girl experience.

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  1. Lexi,
    If I were a girl... I'd be Bi.... !! LOL
    Get yourself a Girltoy.... you won't regret it!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!