Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lesson #3: Stick to your rules

There's bending the rules and there's breaking the rules.  Oh, but we shattered ours.  And the consequences would be dire.  No doubt.

I am not the quiet, demure, passive type.  When I am wronged or hurt, I let him know.  I have cultivated looks that frighten strangers.  I have a razor sharp tongue and a rapier wit that I wield expertly.  Yes, I can channel my inner bitch when necessary.

And by the time we walked naked to the bedroom, I was already over the experience.  There were moments that were okay.  The husband really knew how to use his hands.  He was way gentler with my clit than my man was.  I had a momentary hope that I might get off.  Momentary.

Soon, my man had the two of us working his throbbing cock.  And he really liked it.  What man wouldn't?  It was one of his dreams.  So glad I could make that come true.  (Please note that was DRIPPING with sarcasm.) 

For a moment, he got that look in his eye, despite how well things were working out for him.  He saw the husband about to hit it from the back and he panicked.

man: You're wearing a condom, right?

(Finally!  A rule we followed!)

husband: Yeah.  We're the safest people you'll ever know.

Small consolation.  Smaller than his dick even.

And soon he was in me and my man had to up the ante so that he wasn't bothered by this other man in me.  Soon the wife was riding him.  And he was fondling her boobs.  And I was so fricken jealous.  That was my position.  That was what I did.  He was supposed to be fondling my boobs.  Instead, I was struggling to straddle this behemoth.  And I wasn't happy.

Within a few minutes, the wife had ripped off the condom and was sucking him off.  She had gotten off multiple times already.  Not surprised.  My man is good.  Dammit.

And it hurt watching someone else make him come.  Really it did.  Especially since I never did during the entire experience.

There was a moment where my man tried to get the husband to do me right.  There was a moment where he took over and did me himself.  The wife and husband played and sucked my boobs while that happened.  And I had an unwelcome cock shoved in my mouth.

Too soon that was over when the husband accused him of hogging me.  Great.  So my man shoved his cock in my mouth and started eating her out while the husband made his tiny thrusts into my vag.  And I was drying out fast.  Frickin latex.  Stupid bad sex.

I could hear my man getting ordered to put on ANOTHER condom and I lost it.  I punched him in the leg, which any other time would signal that he needed to stop.  Oh, but when four people are sharing a queen sized bed, that isn't how the gesture is read.  Dammit.

He did her doggy style.  And for a few minutes I thought so loud and angry in my head that I hated him that I almost thought he'd hear me.  Nope.  Too into the chick.

Another rule broken. 

And there were no 'I love yous.' 

And that broke my heart.


  1. Lexi,
    You're a good "sport" for taking one for the team... that's not always a good thing though and as you soon found out. It's not always even...
    Now that you've got that out of the way... you can talk about what happened, what when well, what didn't and then let him know what you're needs are if you're EVER going to do that again... I think once you've worked through some of your difficulties, you'll find a Guy or Girl that rocks your world and HE'LL see what its like to watch YOU get your rocks off!
    My GF and I are taking it slowly and in baby steps... we want to make sure that we both are on the same page so that we don't have these kinds of things happen.. but, no matter what the rules are... every time it happens it still sets off little bells and whistles... you just have to decide it those bells and whistles are worth the fun or if they are going to cause problems. Right now, we're going through the "self liking" stage with the GF and until she is feeling comfortable with her self, we won't be doing any "special activities" I'm OK with that because I have things I'm dealing with right now group sex isn't one of them! LOL

    Take it slow Lexi... unless you don't see your "future" with the dude... and if that's the case, get all you can while the getting is good!

    Sending love and Hugs your way,

  2. Thank you, KC. Missed you! Keep reading to see our story unfold. As with everything in my life, the plot thickens...and it's about to get sexier...