Monday, January 3, 2011

Lesson #1: Go with your gut

So, we've been working on having a threesome for a while now.  And after a while, we get burned out on trying.  Thus, we may have been overly anxious to simply get it over with.

When you go into it with that kind of attitude, you are bound to be disappointed.  Seriously.  Thus, the title of the post.  Go with your gut.

We responded to a few ads.  We posted a few ads.  We had some responses.  And somehow, we ended up going against pretty much all of our rules.  Oh, but that's more about tomorrow's post.  For now, let's focus on how it all began.

We found an ad that really spoke to us because it was from another couple that was equally frustrated with Craigslist.  People just don't follow through.  They get you all hot and bothered thinking something is going to happen, then major letdown.  Sometimes, the letdown is better than the alternative.

Remember that. 

There are things worse than disappointment, like living with the consequence of your actions.  Yeah.  That can be a lot worse.  So much worse.  Once things are done or seen, they can't be undone or unseen.

The couple wanted to meet up at their place.  Perfect.  The wife was bi.  Great.  They were our ages.  Sweet.  They weren't model perfect or looking for models.  Awesome.  And they were full swap only.  Crap.

We talked.  Could we handle it?  And I didn't lie.  I didn't think I could.  I wasn't sure he could.  Oh, but the thrill of strange can cure a lot of issues...for him. 

It's different with me.  That's because everything is different with us.  I would have been able to do this without a second thought with the ex.  I wouldn't worry about ramifications to our relationship or cheapening what's between us.  It was already mostly over for many years.  With my man, everything is good and pure.  And I worried about how I would feel after seeing him in someone else.  It wasn't going to be hot as hell to me.  To me, the vag is sacred.

Still, we exchanged emails and pics and soon enough, we were in a car, headed across town to their place.  I was stone cold sober.  He had a few shots.  And as much as I tried to talk myself into it, I really wasn't.  I was being a team player because I love him so very much. 

And I'm silly and sentimental to believe that love can conquer all.

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