Saturday, December 11, 2010

And--we're off--again!

Things were really heating up.  We were having some really spicy emails.  I was coming home all hot and bothered.  My man wasn't in the mood so much.  On the bright side, my toys always are!

And he doesn't mind when I pleasure myself.  I think he likes it.  Still, he has yet to watch me do it.  I'm not sure whether that's more about my being self-conscious, or that he knows his presence would disrupt the entire experience.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll like it.

We might have a chance to find out.  Know why?

Simple.  We won't be getting together with her this weekend.  Yup.  Once again, she is backing out.  So it's something like...fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice...

And I'm done with her.  We're done with her.  We planned.  We prepared.  Now...done.

Any ideas?  Where ever will we find a third?  Or...a same room, no swap couple.  I'm not terribly picky any more.

Oh, and The Estate is sounding more and more intriguing.  Come back and I'll tel you why.


  1. you could try a little mutual masturbation, I love to watch Alex pleasure himself and it shows me what he likes.