Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Never felt like I was settling

Sure, Saturday was supposed to be our first threesome, until our third backed out at the last minute.  Sure, we could have been really disappointed.  It didn't work out that way.

Instead, we had an amazing Saturday all to ourselves.

And it began the moment he woke up.  I had been working on the laptop next to him in bed.  He shoved my robe out of the way and asked me to flip over.  I like when he gets to the point.  He loves it doggie style.  And I love to please him.

Sex before breakfast.  I love working up an appetite.

Then a few hours later, we were going at it on the lounge chair.  I love that lounge chair.  We have so much fun in it.  And he liked mixing it up by having me finish him cowgirl.

Then it was time to run errands and get dinner.  As soon as we returned, he looked at me.

man: What if we go in the bedroom, turn on a porn, have sex, and then go hang out with friends?

Seriously, dinner and dessert?  I was in heaven.  Yes, heaven.

It's so amazing when he can't seem to get his fill of me.  I love all the touching.  I love that we keep changing it up.

man: See, we have amazing hot sex.  We don't need anyone else.  We don't need to rush this.  We're good.

Hell, yeah!  We're more than good.

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