Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He's living the good life

Yes, so we're on our quest to have a special weekend...next weekend.  And you, of course, know what that means.  Yup.  We're still working on that threesome.

I have posted a new ad on Craigslist.  And a few hours after the posting, we received a response.  There were pictures.  And they were more than promising.  His reaction?

man: Yeah!  Let's do her!

Fantastic.  Finally he's excited.

And so I gave him that look.   You know the one.  It was the look that was supposed to demonstrate that he may have showed just a tad too much enthusiasm for this strange woman and her naked boobs. 

Still, we had to respond to her, with pictures.  And the problem is that we're discovering that people want face pics.  Maybe not a bad thing for him, but my face doesn't photograph well.  Oh, and girls want pics of his dick and he doesn't often photograph that at all. 

We looked through some pictures for just a few minutes.  It was evident that there were no good face pictures.  We wouldn't want to scare her away.  And we still needed a good dick shot.

See where we're going with this?

Yes, I gave my man a blow job just so we could have pictures for the response.  Damn, he's living the good life.  And when we told them later, our friends agreed.

Come back tomorrow to find out how that conversation started.  It'll be worth the trip, I assure you.

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