Monday, December 6, 2010

He's healed

We had a huge talk on Saturday night.  It was a good talk.  A really important talk.  And it needed to be done.

me: You've been really distant lately.

man: I've been here.

me: This has nothing to do with geography.  And you know this. 

man: *sigh*

me: I've been talking to a blog friend.  (Thank you, KC!) And I understand that you're stressed about money.

man: All I can think about right now is providing for us.

me: And I get that, but don't push me away.  Don't keep that between us.  When things are really bad, really stressful in my life, I know I can get through it if we're good.  As long as you're close, I can survive anything.

He melted a lot then.  He snuggled me close.  And soon, he was really back to normal, really all mine all over again.

man: So, you want to bring the computer into the bedroom...

Oh, yeah.  We went at it.  And I can attest, after incredibly close inspection, that he is functioning at full capacity once more.  So, you know I'm happy.  And you know my stress level is more manageable.  And you may have even guessed that we're into planning a special weekend once more.

man: Thank you for getting my sex drive back.

Oh, no, baby.  The pleasure is all mine.  Thank you.

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  1. Your welcome! 8^)

    We're back to normal as well !!

    Life is good!