Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The best way to go to bed early

Sunday night my man was tired.  As well he should have been.  We had a really busy weekend.  We were both feeling it.

We planned to be in bed for the night by 10:30pm, which is really early for us.  Only by 9pm, he was struggling to stay awake.  I was mildly disappointed.  I have trouble falling asleep if I go to bed too early.  And there is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed waiting to be overcome with sleep.

We went through our normal ritual.  There was teeth brushing and undressing.  There was picking a show to watch while we fell asleep.  And there was sex.

Oh, yeah, I was surprised, too.  Even more, I am surprised that it has become something of our ritual.  I'm thrilled with our loving, passionate sex life.

Suddenly, he's a fan of lube.  Suddenly, we have almost nightly sex.  Suddenly, he is embracing talking dirty.  (He's getting better.)

See, I love words.  They are my crack.  And I love when he talks to me about the many sexual acts he wants to perform with me, or imagines sharing with me and our third.  I can almost get off on the words alone.  (He has a great voice.)

So he told me how he might want to just sit back and watch me with the other girl for a while.  He told me how he might want to titty fuck her.  He told me he might want to hit it from the back while I ate her out.  (I have a lot to learn...)

And I rode him while he talked.  And then I had a long powerful orgasm, the kind that can really help a girl sleep, the kind that turns your legs to jelly while your inner thighs ache.  Oh so good!

An hour and a half after we went into the bedroom, I passed out with his leg slung over me, loved and warm.  Nothing could have beaten that.

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