Friday, December 10, 2010

Psyched for Saturday

It seemed we weren't getting any decent responses from our newest ads.  We had one woman who ended up being a picture collector.  (Probably not even a woman.)  And we had people that he just couldn't consider having sex with.  (Admit it.  There has to be some kind of attraction.)

So I did something I didn't think I was going to do.  I reached out to the first girl, the girl that decided she was more of a lesbian than a bi-sexual.  And the results were ideal.

She was still seeing the woman that she had been, but she wasn't really into her.  She still wanted to hook up with me, with us.

It seems like it's going to be on for Saturday.  Yup, just one short day away.

Don't worry.  I double checked.  I made sure that we were still working with the same terms.

Yup.  She'd still be coming to our place.  Yup.  She was still eager to play with me, and willing to use her mouth and hands on my man.  (I can't believe I'm using those words.  I can't believe I'm kinda okay with that.)  And, yes, there will still be toys.

I'm excited.  And yet as I think about it.  I'm also nervous and maybe a bit scared.  Luckily, I can dig deep.  I can work through it.  I hope.


  1. It's not love..... it's just fun....

    If you can work around that, you'll have a GREAT TIME !!

    I want to hear all about it!

  2. I could be my man. He says the SAME things. So, I suppose I should believe both of you. ;)