Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He said it out loud

It may have been the alcohol.  No.  It must definitely have been the alcohol.

Somehow, my seriously bashful man put it all out there.  He opened the door and rushed through it, dragging ME a little tentatively behind.  Yup.  That's what he did.

We were hanging out with our best couple friends.  His long time friends.  People who have known him for the better part of close to ten years.  People who love me to death.  People I have only known for the better part of three years.  Highly religious married people.

Have I set the stage well enough, yet?

We're drinking.  We're playing Wii.  And then he looked at me.

man: What do you think about them?

me: What do you mean what do I think?

Only really my eyes grew wide and I knew.  Oh crap.  He was going to ask them.  The wife was bi and the husband loves porn.  In his mind, perfect fit.

me: Let's go talk.

So we went out to our screen porch while there were thankfully oblivious to our discussion.  He was feeling frisky, obviously.  And he was dying to try new things.  Our only concern: ruining the friendship.

Soon we were in the house.  And we were toasting.  And he just blurted it out.

man: So what do you think about same room no swap sex?

And given that they clearly have not explored this lifestyle with the same enthusiasm we had been for the last month or so, they were baffled and justifiably shocked.  It was up to me to do damage control.

me: What he means is...

And so we talked.  And they listened.  And they seem to be in.  Seriously.

With any luck and a good bit of alcohol, we will make our first foray into this new, exciting, and naughty lifestyle.  The guys tried to get us to kiss to seal the deal, but let's face it.  It was all too new.  And I think she was worried about pushing something on me.  And I was worried about seeming too eager.

My man went to bed.  I followed.  They were staying over because we all drank a bit too much.  And then my phone started chiming.  It was them, texting me from the living room.

How's that for a cliffhanger?

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