Friday, December 24, 2010


I watched him hobble into the house after working.  He was stiff and sore all over.  On the way home he had completed some work related errands.  I had dinner taken care of, but even that didn't seem to revive him.

man: I'm really sore.

me: I can tell.

And I rather gave up on the idea of us having any sexy time that evening.  We went about our business.  We visited with friends and neighbors.  We did some computer work.  It was our average evening at home.

Only as we lay there snuggling on the lounge chair, he suddenly looked at me and spoke the words I longed to hear.

man: I know you want to try the cock ring.  We can do it, if you'll do all the work.

All I heard was that I got top.  Yay!

So while he puttered around in the kitchen, I went to our toy chest and pulled out the cock ring.  I paused for a moment.  And then I grabbed the lube, the new masturbator, and a new movie, too.  I came back to the bedroom feeling mighty triumphant.  It must have showed.  He laughed when he saw me.

man: Oh, I tried that out today.

He pointed at the masturbator.

me: Without me?  Did you finish?

man: Who starts and doesn't finish?

It's nice having him share everything with me, but sometimes it's hard not to feel betrayed when he has these moments that don't involve me.  I haven't had to take care of myself in so many weeks that I almost can't remember.  We've been so into it all together.  And I wonder if he'd feel the same way if I told him I had left him out.

So, I took off his pants and began working the cock ring onto him.  He had warned me, but it was obvious, the man needed to shave.  Badly.  Huh.  He's never really been lax in that department before.  I'm guessing too tired...although he seemed to muster the energy to masturbate.

And let me tell you, that cock ring hits me in all the right spots.  He isn't feeling it as much as he would like, so I'm guessing there will be more cock rings in a future purchase.  (The one I really wanted was on back order until after the holidays.  And I just didn't want to wait that long.)

It doesn't matter.  We like variety.  We're having a lovely time trying these things together.  Life is good.  And the sex...spectacular.

**Here's a tip: Don't be afraid to use a little lube to get the cock ring on.  And don't wait for him to be fully erect to get it on or it will be a real challenge.

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