Friday, December 17, 2010

Question 118

This comes from The Book of Questions: Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, ph.d.

I thought I might mix things up and take some inspiration from a book that is supposed to be a conversation started for couples.  Early in my relationship with my ex-husband, I would try to talk with him using this book.  It never really worked.  And so this book sat around collecting dust for many years.  Just the other day, however, I found it and dusted it off.

My man and I can talk about anything.  I think we'll have lots of fun with this book.  And soon.

In the meantime, I'll share these questions and my responses with you so that you can enjoy them, too.  (And maybe you'll want to use them with someone special...)

Now the question:

When and where did you lose your virginity?  Since then, what has been the longest time you have gone without sex?

Well, I was three days from my 17th birthday.  Yeah, I was a bit of a late bloomer by almost anyone's standards.  I was waiting for the right one.  You know?

And this was absolutely perfect.  We rented a cottage by the lake.  We stayed all afternoon going at it.  He had a three pack of condoms and I thought you had to use them all at once.  (I must have been his dream girl.)

After that, the longest I ever went without sex...about a month.  Yes, I went longer without in my relationship with my man than I ever went when I was single or married.  Ah, but not anymore.  We're in a good place.

Now you.  Come on.  You can tell me...

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  1. The loss is somewhat disputed... I thought it was to one guy but someone else from my schooldays came back into my life recently and claims to have done it... !!!
    The longest, about two years between two of my children after a traumatic birth experience.