Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finding a third...take two!

Yes, when we were in our frantic 'gotta find someone' stage, we were messaging women left and right.

We contacted women on Craigslist.  We contacted women on Rudester.  We contacted women on Nexxus.  We were really putting ourselves out there.  We were really making the effort.

And it seemed like no matter how hard we tried, no matter how much we were willing to bend our standards, we simply couldn't find anyone.  All the women who claimed they wanted threesomes suddenly backed down, or never contacted us, or decided they were lesbians and not bi-sexual.  We were facing one disappointment after another.

Well, finally one of the first chicks we contacted has returned our message.  Now, it took her weeks, mind you.  And so it may take weeks for this to actually come to fruition, but I have to tell you, in my life, I have learned there are things that are simply worth the wait.

My man, now he was definitely worth the wait.  I went through a ridiculous amount of BS in relationships and my marriage.  And now, we are in a great place.  All the junk from our past has simply fallen away.

It took time.  And work.  And patience.  All I know is that I would do it all again because of where we are now.

Thank you, all of you who keep telling me to be patient, that this threesome will happen, that the right chick will come along.  I believe you may be right.


  1. Keep optimistic! Having a sex blog helps! I feel bad for the men who want a male-female-female threesome who don't even have one female to start with - making it happen for them is pretty hopeless unless they are willing to pay for it or make some big changes.

    But for a couple who is on the same page? Much better chances.

    I was in your shoes 8 years ago, I was with a guy and we searched endlessly for a third, was so frustrating! Finally we decided to try swinging, started slow with soft swinging, and wow hit the jackpot in making all kinds of fantasies come true.

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend. This weekend we already have too many other plans. And I will let you know. (Beauty of having a sex blog, right?) ;)