Monday, December 20, 2010

How to handle morning wood

I always wake up before my man.  He's a sleeper, more of a night person.  Still, he woke with a huge

me: I can take care of that for you.

man: How?  You already showered.

me: So, I don't mind cleaning up again for that...

man: No, it's okay.

And yet as time went on while we talked, it became evident that he really needed some release.  He was edgy and pressed against his hard on, or even grabbed it.

me: That's it.

And I removed my jeans and wiggled out of my black nylon boy shorts.  He watched expectantly as I came over to him and pulled back the blanket.

man: What are you doing?

me: Taking care of you.

In seconds, I had him in my mouth and I was using my hands.  I was determined to get him off.

man: That's good.  Just like that.

I told him recently that I really like his instructions and feedback.  We're so much happier in the bedroom now that we communicate and tell each other what pleases us.

Soon enough he was coming in my mouth.  Like the good girl I am, I swallowed.  Yeah, I know how to take care of my man.

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