Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another glorious weekend

We had our set backs.  We had some plans, we thought.  And I was worried that the disappointment would set in and keep us from truly enjoying our alone time.

I shouldn't have.

It was amazing.  And it all began with Friday night.  At one point, early, maybe nine, he told me what he was thinking.

man: So, what if we go in the bedroom, throw on a porn, and I tie you up?

me: Let's go.

And so we went to the bedroom.  He tied me to what's left of our headboard.  (Long story.  Suffice it to say, we've done the light bondage thing before and he's strong when he's determined.  He really wanted to touch me.)

We picked a porn.  (Our selection should be growing by the end of the week.  We're getting another shipment from Adam & Eve.)

Next thing you know, he's pulled out my vibrator and some lube.  And he's using his tongue on me.  And I'm just about a quivering mess.  He must have loved the way I looked because he suggested we switch.

me: Be gentle with the headboard this time.

His response was pretty non-committal.  And then he upped the ante.  We played a game while I teased his cock with my mouth and tongue.

man: Let's play truth or dare.

We have had some amazing times with that game.  I love getting to know him better in a non-threatening way.  And I love our dares, so sexy.

What I love most is that our sessions last for hours.  We have yet to truly master the quickie.  Even our quickie is a good half an hour long.

man: See.  We have amazing sex.  We don't need to rush into a threesome or The Estate.  But someday, soon...

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