Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, I ended up back in the living room...(continued from yesterday...)

Yes, the text messages were too much.  I was intrigued.  And it was such an inadequate method of communication at the moment.

So far they had revealed that the wife was very horny.  And my man was passed out.

Then I asked about whether or not the wife might teach me, since I had never been with a woman.  Just in case we decided to actually follow through with this.  I wanted an idea of what to expect.  Were we really just doing same room no swap sex, or would the guys live the dream and see their women getting frisky together?

They were both interested in that concept.  And that's why I ended up back in the living room.  It was a short walk.  And as much as I hate to pull myself away from him when he's all sweet and warm and snuggly, I had to talk to them.

They were still awake in the living room, playing on the Wii.  And they were both happy to see me in my bathrobe.  Just my bathrobe.

We talked.  Man, did we talk.

We talked about porn.  (The husband has a bit of an addiction.)  I explained that I don't mind it when used properly.  (And lately, we are definitely using it properly.)  They looked as though a light had just gone on in a new room in their heads.

We talked about the same room sex.  The wife was nervous.  She was a bit shy about her body.  I completely get that.  I'm the same way.  The only thing that gave me some confidence was that I knew they liked my boobs through a shirt and would LOVE them naked.

So, I told the wife that I thought she was gorgeous.  She does have an incredible face.  And unlike me, she is photogenic.

That's when I received the biggest surprise.  Earlier, my man had picked up the husband's phone when he dropped it.  And he was warned not to open the flip phone.  We had smiled at each other then.  And I whispered that apparently we weren't the only ones who took naughty pictures.
The husband passed me the phone.  'Open it,' he suggested.

I did.  It was a naked boob shot, faceless, just like mine.

me: Very nice.

And I wasn't lying.  They were surprisingly nice.  I wouldn't have guessed how nice.  Now I was a little turned on.

The wife was embarrassed and curled up on the couch.  So, I went to bed.  For a while I laid there and thought about what a mistake I had made.  I had seen her naked boobs.

In the morning, when her husband was in the bathroom, I remedied that.  I loaded a picture of my boobs on the monitor and called her over.

wife: WOW.

It was so worth it.


  1. Hi Lexi,
    Sounds like the perfect situation! I bet they had some wild sex that night just thinking of you naked with just your bathrobe on... a little movement and that robe could have fallen partially off and who knows what might have happened! (smiles)
    Sounds like you're having FUN! That's what it's all about....
    You wouldn't be near CA. would you? My girlfriend LOVES to teach! LOL


  2. KC,

    Alas no...we're in the southeast. And with any luck, I'll be starting my education this weekend...